About Us

Who We Are

Thank you for visiting our website. We are a team of passionate individuals striving to make positive changes in the lives of people we meet – not only for our beloved customers, to whom we are bringing the tranquility of Balinese relaxation to their doorstep, but also to our amazing Massage Therapists who deserve the best working conditions we can provide.

Having visited Bali many times in the past, we fell in love not only with its beautiful nature, its lovely people and amazing hospitality, but also the unparalleled quality of massage and body relaxation. Every massage brings its own benefits, and the various types of massages have their beneficial roots, but in our opinion – the Balinese massage is simply the best!

We strive to ensure our talented therapists are adequately compensated for their dedication in providing the best experience for our customers. Our remuneration and benefits policy far exceeds the ‘’industry standards’’. While profits are important for the healthy operation of any company, our main priority is PEOPLE first.

We hand pick every supplier of products for our business. We source only high quality premium products from Indonesia, supplied by local family run businesses, based on fair trade conditions. Every product used for rendering our services to you originates from natural derived sources, from the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia.

It is important to us to support small local business owners who have suffered harsh times during the recent years as Bali was predominantly closed to tourism, one of its main sources of income.

By purchasing our services, you are positively impacting lives of many people and for this, we sincerely THANK YOU.