Our Gifting Experience

Gift Vouchers from Balinese Luxury Touch

Discover the perfect way to share the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation with your loved ones. Our tailor made gift vouchers offer an opportunity to experience the ultimate benefits of massage therapy and pampering. Whether it’s a special occasion, a token of appreciation, or simply a gesture of self-care, our gift vouchers provide a gateway to a world of serenity.

Surprise your friends, family, colleagues or clients with a delightful retreat as they indulge in the calming atmosphere of our home service. Offering an array of luxurious treatments and tailored experiences, our gift vouchers are crafted to meet the wellness desires of each individual.

Wellness Gift Box:

Step into a realm of tranquillity and embrace the essence of Bali with our exquisite Wellness Gift Box. Crafted with care and infused with the natural wonders of the Indonesian paradise, this box is a sanctuary for the senses. Immerse yourself in a blissful soak with our luxurious bath salts, as the fragrant whispers of 100% pure essential oils dance through the air, illuminated by the gentle glow of our artisanal, handmade aromatherapy lamp.

Sip on the pure essence of nature with our organic tea, letting its soothing warmth envelop you. And when the world feels heavy, let our headache roller be your oasis of relief. Elevate your self-care ritual and embark on a journey of serenity with our handpicked selection of treasures from Bali.

Whether you want to treat yourself or your loved one to the relaxing experience of Balinese tranquillity, our Wellness Gift Box is the perfect choice for you. You can purchase this gift box as a standalone gift or together with a Gift Voucher to further enhance your gifting experience.