Balinese Luxury Touch

This is your ultimate destination to the world of relaxation. Immerse yourself
in the world of serenity offered by our skilled massage therapists from Indonesia,
bringing you the true experience of luxurious Balinese Massage.

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Bali, a beautiful island located in Indonesia is known as the Island of Gods and is
well known for its beautiful nature, vast rice fields, rich cultural roots and, amongst
others, some of the best and most relaxing massages you could think of.

We bring you here the true, authentic Balinese massage experience right to your doorstep.


In today’s busy world, we often forget to slow down and take care of ourselves, our body, and our mind.
We understand that not everyone’s busy schedule may allow for spending long hours traveling to and from a spa salon, that is why we bring you a truly luxurious experience into the comfort of your home.
Massage is known for having multiple important benefits such as improving immune function, improving blood circulation, whilst elevating energy levels, reducing stress, muscle pain, muscle tension and providing ultimate relaxation when executed correctly by an experienced Massage Therapist.


Our highly trained and skilled Massage Therapists will come to your home and set up our comfortable massage station including a luxury massage bed, relaxing music, aromatherapy essential oil burner, together with all necessary bedding and towels to allow you to fully immerse into YOUR time.

All equipment is fully sanitized and professionally cleaned and our Massage Therapists observe the highest quality hygiene standards and follow all Covid protective protocols.

Please note that our services are currently catered towards women and couples only.